About Redray

Established in 2017, RedRay’s DNA was formed through a blend of local experience, local empowerment and market research. We understand clearly what the market needs and enjoy building client requested solutions. We are determined to become the best rather than the biggest and to keep things simple when we recommend solutions, be it in specialist insurance, reinsurance or through our claims expertise.

Headquartered in Singapore, we understand the flexibility needed to welcome the increasing demands of insurance and reinsurance in the Asia-Pacific market. To bring regional expertise to locally built partnerships. To respond to the changing needs, demands and priorities of our clients with great agility thanks to our independence and local expertise. These simple philosophies are and always will be the beating heart of our company.

Our Specialisms

Underserved markets are at the heart of our product range; our empowered specialists think laterally and respond with their vast local knowledge to recommend market-leading solutions to local Insurers. When we act, we act fast. We specialise in bespoke products in the financial lines, casualty, property and energy sectors.